Massacre at Oradour-sur-Glane

Massacre at Oradour-sur-Glane

by Vincent dePaul Lupiano Excerpt “In this harrowing account of one of WWII’s most notorious atrocities—the June 1944 slaughter of nearly 750 civilians in southwestern France—historian Lupiano (Operation Ginny) excavates chilling details about how the tragedy played out. …” Read Full Review Download Press Release Purchase on Amazon Available for pre-order and shipping in March […]

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The Wings Of Death

by Vincent dePaul Lupiano writing as Christopher Sloan Excerpt: Sutton and his crew didn’t mind a do-or-die mission, but when they discovered that the desk was stacked against them before takeoff, there was hell to pay—for the Nazis and for their own CO! Contact For Copy

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In Search Of Eagles

by Vincent dePaul Lupiano writing as Christopher Sloan Excerpt: The Mission: to intercept Hugo Sperrle, the shrewd Luftwaffe commander as flied from Berlin to Paris with an honor guard of Germany’s top three fighter aces. One low-flying bomber must blow all four Nazis from the sky. Chances of survival: minimal. Contact For Copy

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Operation Ginny

by: Vincent Lupiano Excerpt: Operation Ginny is the story of the two Operation Ginnys. Both military assaults by the Allied forces were unsuccessful, although the first was successfully recalled. The second operation launched one month later, March 22, 1943, and ended up in the murder of all 15 American participants by the Nazis. It became

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Operation Tidal Wave

by: Vincent Lupiano Excerpt: Operation Tidal Wave tells the story of the bloodiest air battle in the history of war. It is about 1700 airmen who set out to bomb the oil refineries surrounding the city of Ploesti, Romania, on August 1, 1943. Success, they thought, would be a force in ending the war. Success

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by: Vincent Lupiano Excerpt: An unprecedented international political thriller that takes us behind today’s headlines, Deadlight plunges us into intrigue, tension, and suspense. This sequel to One Minute to Midnight is the second volume of The Rayne Foster Series. Rayne Foster, a covert asset of the Special Operations Group, is caught in a plot to overthrow the United States

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One Minute To Midnight

by: Vincent Lupiano Excerpt: Rayne Foster is on a covert mission to surveil the estate of Florida mafia boss, Donato “Cheese” Chesario. Photographing from a tree in a violent thunderstorm, Foster spots a camo-clad intruder sneaking into the mobster’s estate using a grappling hook. His intent: steal a box stamped with a Nazi swastika containing

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