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Name: Vincent Lupiano
Nationality: American
Location: Oakland, NJ
Phone: (201) 651-0747

Why do I write?

Because I love it. It’s never easy, and I understand why so many people are loathe to put pen to paper (or fingers to the keyboard). Ernest Hemingway said that writers are people who sit in rooms alone with a dictionary and try to get their feelings right.

Each writing project is a challenge, a confrontation with the unknown, a hurdle to leap over. But the goal is always the same: to give clients exactly what they envision.

So, if you find it lonely and difficult sitting there by yourself trying to compose a speech, brochure copy, web site copy, a magazine article, newsletter, white paper, proposal, or whatever appears impossible to put down on paper, I can help, while making it as easy as possible for you.




Over the years, I’ve probably written a million words. You name it and I’ve probably done it. I’ve written for corporate and management publicatiions, TV and radio continuity and scripts, Web sites, newsletters, and speeches for senior executives. I’ve crafted dozens of brochures, newsletters, magazine articles for major corporations—from Western Union to MBIA, from Hertz to Roundel magazine, the official publication of the BMW Car Club of America.


I spent ten years at IBM writing speeches for senior executives, producing and writing motivational films, videos, modules for business meetings, and crafting continuity for the prestigious Hundred Percent Clubs and Golden circle recognition events. I also wrote and produced motivational modules and was managing editor of “Management Review” for IBM’s National Service Division. Much of the writing at IBM was technical and complex.

As a freelance writer, I’ve written numerous proposals for New York City production companies seeking industrial shows for corporate recognition events. Some of those proposals were for Strauss Auto Stores, Marriott, AT&T, Cyanamid, Telephone Pioneers of America, Sprint, New Orleans Hospital, Hoffman-Larouche, and J.D. Edwards Worldwide Annual User Group Conference to name just a few.

I’ve written two screenplays, one as writer-for-hire, and I recently completed another screenplay, “Eagle’s Gold,” which is based on my novel with the same title. Recently, I completed a TV documentary film proposal based on an air raid of American bombers on the Ploești, Romania oil fields in 1944. The proposal, geared toward The History Channel, is entitled “The Wings of Madness.” Using the pseudonym, Christopher Sloan, I wrote and published two novels: “In Search of Eagles,” and “On the Wings of Death.” I co-wrote a year-by-year history of the United States— “It Was a Very Good Year” covers America’s pop culture from 1776 to 1993. I also co-wrote “Exploring IBM’s Brave New Internet Strategy: An Inside Look at Big Blue’s Vision for the Future of Computing,” which was one of the first books to explore what was then the beginning of the Internet; it was a ground-breaking book.


Corporate Communications

  • Brochures
  • Websites
  • Blogs
  • Magazine Articles
  • White Papers
  • Newsletters
  • Executive Speeches
  • Management Publications
  • Business Plan Proposals
  • Ghost Writing








Speech Writer

Speeches are meant for the ear, not the printed page. I learned this craft years ago writing commercials and public service announcements during a career in broadcast television and radio that also included writing radio editorials.

My experience in this area covers a wide range of subjects and corporations — from IBM to Volvo; from Hollywood Video to pharmaceutical companies; from the automotive industry to alcoholic beverages; from finance to numerous facets of the IT world.

speech writer

Novelist | Non-Fiction Author

There is no good writing, there is only good rewriting.

That sentiment from Ernest Hemigway succinctly expresses the writing that I do—from fiction to non-fiction. My non-fiction books include: “It Was a Very Good Year—a Cultural History of the United States From 1776 To Present,” and “Exploring IBM’s Bold Internet Strategy.”

The Novels I’ve written include “In Search of Eagles,” the “Wings of Death,” and “Eagle’s Gold,” which I converted into a screenplay of the same name. My most recent novel, “Eagle’s Gold,” will be published this year and has been converted into a screenplay with the same title.

Books Published

Screen Writer

Writing the screenplay is the easy part.

The difficult, often grueling aspect, is plotting it out—essentially, devising a roadmap before one starts out on the writing trip.

I’ve written three screenplays—one as writer-for-hire, and one spec script. The third, “Eagle’s Gold,” is the screenplay version of my novel. It has been optioned and is currently under consideration for acquisition and production. I also currently have a documentary TV film under consideration for development with a cable company. “Wings of Madness” is the story of the bloodiest battle in the history of American aerial combat during World War II.

vince lupiano screen writer

Speaker Representation

Conductors who conduct the audience.

I currently represent Boris Brott, a Canadian symphony conductor and motivational speaker who speaks before corporate audiences throughout the world. I handle all his contracts and speaking engagements, in addition to arranging the shipment of all support materiel required for his presentations. To learn more about Boris Brott, visit his website at

Additionally, I am the agent for Fabio Mastrangelo who is also a symphony conductor and motivational speaker. Fabio is currently the assistant conductor of the St. Petersburg, Russia symphony orchestra.

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