Editorial Services

Everyone good writer needs a great editor.

Editorial services, including manuscript preparation for representation to editors, publishers, corporate newsletters, and ghostwriting. Ghostwriting a variety of corporate communications.

Vince has worked with several major authors. Currently, two of the books he has edited are on Amazon: Moro Warrior: A Philippine Chieftain, an American Schoolmaster, and The Untold Story of the Most Remarkable Resistance Fighters of World War II by Thomas McKennay; and Reading Matters: How Literature Influences Life by Janet Levine.

Speech Writer

Speeches are meant for the ear, not the printed page.

I learned this craft years ago writing commercials and public service announcements during a career in broadcast television and radio that also included writing radio editorials.

My experience in this area covers a wide range of subjects and corporations — from IBM to Volvo; from Hollywood Video to pharmaceutical companies; from the automotive industry to alcoholic beverages; from finance to numerous facets of the IT world.

Screen Writer

Writing the screenplay is the easy part.

The difficult, often grueling aspect, is plotting it out—essentially, devising a roadmap before one starts out on the writing trip.

I’ve written three screenplays—one as writer-for-hire, and one spec script. The third, “Eagle’s Gold,” is the screenplay version of my novel. It has been optioned and is currently under consideration for acquisition and production. I also currently have a documentary TV film under consideration for development with a cable company. “Wings of Madness” is the story of the bloodiest battle in the history of American aerial combat during World War II.

Corporate Communications








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